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These testimonials are scripted by our clients, and unedited. You will notice that the common themes are “growth” and “journey”.  This is how we change our clients’ businesses and their lives.

Alexander Phillips – Real Estate Agent

Phillips Pantzer Donnelley


In my business I never turn off. I sell more than 160 properties annually. I make between 450 and 500 telephone calls a week. I needed an accountant to take care of the back-end. I needed the support, straight-forward advice and the relationship.

I was introduced to Daniel by a financial planner over ten years ago and I felt that I could trust him. We had an immediate connection. 

Daniel and his team set-up business structures for me, a self-managed superannuation fund; they account for all my investments and take care of all my taxes. Vasin Accountants pay my staff and they chase me and follow-up. There’s nothing I need to worry about because it all happens in the background. He provides up-to-date financial reports to financial institutions as we purchase property management businesses, cars, investments and property.

Daniel also works with my financial planner, bankers, investment advisers, and solicitors to help me achieve my goals. I’m always doing something, and Daniel supports that growth. I like that he is willing to see me early in the morning and on weekends.

I recommend Vasin Accountants if you are growth-focused. I refer other real estate agents, family, friends and clients to Daniel. I trust him to get the job done, and he does it every time.  

Ed Halmagyi – Celebrity Chef

Fast Ed Media


The fact is that the kinds of problems we try to solve change over the years, as our lives grow and evolve. For me, it started out as a young man with simple tax processing help. From there my business grew and suddenly there was BAS, company registrations, establishing trusts, wealth planning, tax strategy, and investments. But all in all, it’s always been a journey looking to build something of value for my family. I couldn’t have done this without Daniel.


I’m a story-teller. Sometimes in words, sometimes in images, sometimes with food. I like to think I do a pretty good job of that. But while committing my life to those skills, there’s not time to learn or understand the nuances of tax law, investment strategy or financial planning. Daniel’s skills give me the confidence to pursue my dreams, knowing that those parts of my life are taken care of.


I now have a thriving business, investment property, a nest-egg and my extended family is taken care of. I’m pretty happy with that.


I have confidence in Daniel. There are lots of people who can process tax for you. But that’s not what I’m buying when I engage Vasin’s services. I’m looking for a strategic partner who can see the financial road ahead and help navigate it to best advantage. That’s a broader and more substantive skill set. It’s also rare.


Tax planning can be stressful, especially when there are ups and downs in business. Daniel is a calm, methodical and reliable partner. His restrained yet friendly approach to this part of my business helps me to feel calm and comfortable about the more complex of challenging parts. That means a lot to me.


I’ve been able to craft a really great quality of life for my family over the last decade and a half, but that could never have happened without the informed advice and strategic thinking that Vasin provide.


If you have an entrepreneurial bent and want to focus on your business, knowing that someone you can trust will help find the smoothest, most productive and most advantageous path for you, then Vasin is the place to go.

Mark Morrison – Auctioneer

Morrison Property Auctions

I have been a client of Daniel’s since returning to Australia. I had to start from scratch, starting with superannuation, opening my business and of course doing my taxes. I have stayed with Daniel because he has offered several solutions to issues, worked on the most cost effective ways to build the frame work I have needed and most importantly, I trust him.


Daniel is a one stop shop for me. He works on the accounts for both my business and now my wife’s business. He has setup my family trust and self-managed superannuation fund. He works directly with our financial planner and does my company BAS statement each quarter and because he knows my books so well it is a seamless transition into my annual taxes.


We have set-up a family trust, two companies and Daniel’s team do the ATO compliance and provide me with financial stability.


Daniel is personable, efficient and friendly and always available.


From day 1 Daniel has been straight forward and honest about what he can deliver and looks after all aspects of my finances. He follows up, makes sure the Tax Office is happy and I have peace of mind.


I recommend other business owners to Daniel as we all as individuals are looking for honest, affordable and insightful advice.

Bud Verheijen – Director



Before using Daniel's services I was personally taking many hours every weekend and nights to reconcile accounts, update data, and enter bookkeeping expenses and sales for the business, to then only hand over uncertain files to an accountant for year-end compliance. We needed to gain back valuable time spent and as well as an assurance all would be done on time and accurately.

Daniel was instrumental in solving this by providing a one stop shop for everything - bookkeeping, tax and GST/BAS returns and other reporting compliance, along with advice and guidance on business and personal tax and general accounting matters.

We no longer need to worry if our BAS or company tax returns are done correctly or on time.​ Daniel also set up a family trust and a further company for me which was quick and easy.


The biggest asset Daniel has in his quiver full of arrows is his tenacity to follow up until the job is done. We all get busy in this hectic business world, and to have someone on your side pro-actively helping you and not just ticking boxes, whilst providing guidance and advice along the way, is a real attribute many Accountants simply do not possess. ​


Daniel's personal approach makes me feel like I'm his only client.​ The regular contact is always appreciated, as is the desire to look forward with business planning rather than just traditional tax compliance and historical bookkeeping.


There are many larger accounting firms that will charge significantly more for less service, but Vasin Accountants provides value, personal service, certainty and a willingness to really understand my business and work closely with me as a valued partner arrangement.


I recommend Vasin Accountants and I have provided Daniel's contact details to a number of business associates in the past that were looking for a switched on pro-active Accountant, and will continue to do so.​

Lorraine Poulos – Director

Lorraine Poulos & Associates


Daniel Vasin from Vasin Accountants has ‘walked’ with me and my company over the last 8 years. You could describe Lorraine Poulos and Associates a ‘start up’ company that has enjoyed success and growth every year since its inception. Daniel and his team have been integral to that success. When you work for yourself every dollar counts and keeping track on this in a business which is growing was a job in itself. It would have been easy for me to see my accounting fees as just another expense however it has actually helped me grow my business in the following ways:


  1. It saves me time- having to do the paperwork was taking me away from what I was good at 

  2. Daniel understands the latest tax laws, regulations, and deadlines

  3. It has reduced my tax liability and reassured me that I have the necessary systems and processes in place for checking my claims and expenses

  4. Provided me with advice when I needed it 

  5. Educated me and my team on how to systemise our accounting and invoicing system 


Since 2009, Lorraine Poulos & Associates has grown into a successful consulting and training business providing expertise to the health, aged and disability sectors. As the business grew I was keen to see how my expenses were tracking, where my income had increased and more importantly how to make prudent decisions about how to invest. We have bought two investment properties, set up a self-managed superannuation fund and increased our staff numbers. Daniel’s guidance was exceptional and gave us the confidence to know that we were making the right decisions.


Daniel is a great source of advice and wisdom in helping us grow and develop our business. He has worked with us from day one and understands the ins and outs of our business and he shares our pride in the success of our company.


If you want a personalised service that delivers on its promises then I would highly recommend Daniel and his team.

Stuart Poignand – Director

Poignand Consulting

I wanted to develop a high quality and simple relationship with an accountant who would take an active role in improving my business profitability and tax planning.  The services had to extend beyond compliance and relationship needed to be responsive and offer value through return on investment.


Daniel listens to learn and provides value for money advice on financial structure, financial strategy and taxation. He’s responsive and engaged with my business on a planned periodic basis. I know that I can dip in for additional advice when needed and that he’ll come to me if he has an idea that will work for me and my business.


I now have a more profitable business and complete confidence that I’m working with a partner that will continue to add value.

I recommend Vasin Accountants if you need thoughtful, straightforward advice and services.

Leigh Adams – Special Counsel 

Owen Hodge Lawyers

I needed personal interaction with my Accountant and advice pertinent to my own circumstances. I also needed a bespoke solution to my financial arrangements.


Daniel is personable and approachable. He identified matter pertinent to my financial circumstances. He is intuitive and now I have a better understanding of what financial arrangements are available to reduce tax.


I would recommend Vasin Accountants to other colleagues. 

David Wolf – Director

Closer Communications

As I moved to become a small business owner, the problems changed and advice shifted to everything from accounting processes to broader business strategy discussions.

I know that having Daniel’s counsel ensures sound, trustworthy advice. My circumstances have changed significantly over the last decade, and Daniel has guided me through each chapter with a thorough knowledge of my situation and recommendations for how to move forward, explained to me in an easy to understand way.


I feel confident that the right structures are in place for my finances, with an accounting team that has a deep understanding of both what my businesses are trying to achieve and my personal circumstances. That’s a pretty great outcome.


The personal knowledge of Daniel and his team, combined with his personal interest in the success of my businesses and overall concern for my financial health is very comforting. Knowing he is always there with sound advice is very valuable.


Vasin Accountants provides a very personal approach. I know and appreciate that Daniel has many clients, though he is always fully across my issues and always available to guide and assist, even outside of the usually busy times around reporting. 


Daniel’s is a personal, knowledgeable approach to something he and his team are clearly passionate about. I need people almost as passionate about my numbers as I am!


Daniel and Vasin Accountants is a service deserving of recommendation. He has helped me put strategies in place to help my business grow while efficiently managing accounting and broader reporting responsibilities, something I’m sure many consultants and small-to-medium size business owners will also benefit from.

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